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Focus on collision repair with infinite innovation;For 17 years, we have been committed to building a supplier focusing on sheet metal repair and providing the entire automotive equipment. (More than 99% of customers praise our products. Over time, more than 91% of customers will Choose and recommend our products again)

SOLARY Spot Welder Machine Advantages

SOLARY Spot Welder has passed CE certification.We have a professional production team and a smooth production line.

Can improve work efficiency

Functions:washer welding,stub welding,carbon rod heating,partial heating,upsetting for car body.:Functions:washer welding,stub welding,carbon rod heating,partial heating,upsetting for car body.

Strong Function Our paint lamp is composed of multiple modules, which can be adapted to long-distance transportation and flexible replacement of modules.

Excellent quality

The product uses high-quality parts, the product quality is excellent, the performance is stable, the product life is long

Can be customized

The shape, color and voltage of the product can be customized.

Product decription

4200 is suitable for meason welding,direct spot welding,snake line welding,stub welding,carbon rod heating,single side spot welding,large area of depression reduction and local heating and fire shrinkage treatment


1.Equipped with sucker to extract big dented area without damaging paint surface

2.Copper transformer for high current output and heavy duty cycle

3.View input volatge on the display meter

4.Equipped with star washer for direct wekdubg and pulling,automatic timing setting


Product Features

Car Repair Equipment Product Lsit

Paint Curing Lamp

Induction heater

spot welding machine

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ISO 9001


23+ Years







annual capacity


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Why choose SOLARY Spot Welder Manufacture

There is a professional quality management system team, skilled sales and after-sales service personnel, and the company has passed ISO9001 and CE certificates;Our team of more than 100 people, adhering to the principle of honesty, standardization, and efficiency, winning the market with technology, gaining credibility with creative services, and dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality, efficient and fast services

Customer Support

We have 24/7 online customer support team, helpping you solve any problem about our products.

Service Coverage

SOLARY operates globally. We cover different regions from USA, Europe, Asia, and more.


More than 23 years of manufacturing experience

Cost Saver

Professional and smooth production line; Accept OEM customization


The product has passed CE, IOS certification

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Love this thing, so neat! In my limited automotive use so far, I have been mostly impressed with this tool.

Glenn B.


Nice quality and price. good service also.

order arrived on time and in good condition,  will definitely recommend

Easy to communicate & understand  Very professional



Warmly welcome to cooperate with SOLARY, 24 hours online answer

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